Launch Event Inauguration

At last. We were finally ready. Finally we were going to be able to show the public what we had been building for so long. It was a VERY special day for us.

Yeah. I am writing this text listening to music in the background. The excitement that writing it provokes in me added to the rhythm that the music gives me: it is simple for me. You read. And, as you do it, I will be the one who tries to convey to you the illusion I am talking about. It is a special post.

Old Jeffrey came about from a conversation . A conversation between friends. A conversation that turned into concern. A concern that became an illusion. An illusion that on September 28th became a reality . A reality that aspires to be a triumph. We will have to wait, yes. But, if we rely on the world of sensations, that day the 28th, the premonitions, the best.

And what is supposed to make an event great? Just as deployment, sponsorships and collaborations are important (here we have to show our most sincere thanks to Red Bull; they gave us the possibility of offering our audience the widest range of their product) they are, even more so, if possible, The guests . They set the guidelines. They set the pace.

You invite them because their presence makes you excited. You want to show them what your little one has become. You want to share with them your enthusiasm for seeing what was initially a simple seed grow. They come. They are comfortable. It even happens sometimes. The best of sensations: they come closer, they come closer to congratulate you.

Even so, I will say that there are 2 types of congratulations: the classic “birthday” congratulations, a simple approach accompanied by a brief congratulation and with a pinch of flatness; and, on the other hand, there are THE congratulations; I'm talking about those accompanied by a friendly harangue and continuity relative to the guest's interest in the project; a disposition accompanied by a pat on the back, a clash of spirits focused on transmitting a message; a combination of words that, at the beginning and without a doubt, is exciting to hear; I'm talking about “you'll have to work hard, but you have a very good team and no one here doubts you, good things are coming your way.” These types of congratulations were what we received during the Imagine our post-evening feeling event. The future? Exciting.

Even more important is to mention the wealth of public that accompanied us during our inauguration . We are proud to have had the opportunity to bring together a large and disparate group of people; reference each of them in their field of dedication or work. We are talking about references in the world of fashion such as Cesar Villalba (designer of Coach in New York), representatives of other national men's fashion brands such as Jaime Pujol from Edmmond , models of growing impact such as Ainara Aristegui or Gara Noel ; renowned cardiologists; flagships of important law firms such as Garrigues; as well as role models in terms of perseverance and entrepreneurship such as Alejandro Coca ( Groopify ).

It is to all of you that we would like to express our most sincere gratitude. We feel lucky to receive your trust and support. For us you are a mirror in which to look at ourselves and we will gladly receive each of your advice.

On September 28, the first chapter of the first volume of the first edition of a long series began.

We take off.

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