Our collection of Napoli heron ties is absolutely different in 3 aspects:

      To make one of our heron ties, the silk thread is subjected to a characteristic spinning process that gives the final cloth a certain "Oxford" type granularity, giving the tie a more rustic appearance. In short, the cloth made with the heron technique takes more passes than twill silk - this gives greater body to the tie - and includes a more intensive process in terms of labor and production.

      Blade with width of 8.5 cm - let's escape from thin ties.

      The interior of our ties is reinforced with the same scrap of 100% silk with which we make the tie, avoiding the use of smooth linings of poorer quality that make the product stiff and give it less body. This construction helps the tie knot to remain more vigorous and avoids rickety appearances.

      Our ties have been made 100% by hand in a small town in Naples. Tradition and expert hands above all.

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      Excellent service from a very good team and great quality of raw materials, both in custom tailoring and clothing. Casual clothing has a very original line.

      Julián Montero Cuerda

      The attention is spectacular. The personal advice has no competition with other tailors. I was looking for a different suit than what we are used to seeing and they have a wide variety of fabrics to choose from and combine. Very good quality-price. I came out fully dressed. I recommend it.

      Jorge Agulló


      It was because I found your website on the rebound and I thought it was incredible.

      I took a pair of pants with me, but I'll be back for sure.
      Expensive price? It depends on what seems expensive to you. For what I paid, I bought 4 pants at Zara instead of two, but they will last less than half as long and the quality has nothing to do with Old Jeffrey.
      It's a pleasure to meet you, I'll be back!

      Javier de la Hoz

      Highly recommended, they told us about this tailor shop and we were super delighted. Quality-service and price the best. Elegance is the word that defines Old Jeffrey. Everything tailored and with a dedication and professionalism that does not miss a single detail. In addition, the sports line they have is also worth it. Anyway, we'll see you soon for sure.

      Marietta Gonzalez

      In my first experience I have met people who are professional, friendly, knowledgeable about what they do, with very good taste and, above all, very serious about their work. Total and absolute confidence. I'm sure we will see each other again. Thanks to the entire Old Jeffrey team.

      Pedro Postigo